Vietnam Wholesale Pineapple Slices in Tin Can 11Oz


Quick Details
Cultivation Type:
Can (Tinned)
Weight (kg):
Shelf Life:
12 months
Place of Origin:
Hanoi, Vietnam
Brand Name:
Packaging & Delivery
Any port from Vietnam

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Vietnam Wholesale Pineapple Slices in Tin Can 11Oz


Dried Organic Pineapple Chunks.

100% Organic

Completely Natural, no sugar added, no preservatives.

Great for snacks, baking, mix trails, etc.


Functions: Promote blood circulation; Prevent adipose deposit; Eliminate inflammation and edema; Promote metabolism; Eliminate fatigue; Prevent bronchitis.


A healthy fruit with sweet and mildly tart flavor derived from natural sugars, organic acids and minerals.

The sweet and slightly tart taste of pineapple will remind you an exotic getaway filled with warm sandy beaches, vibrant sunsets and sweet, juicy pineapple!


Our special method of Long-term food preservation allow us to preserve  all the aroma, color, texture, nutritional value and original flavor without the use of any artificial preservatives or sugars.


This is a truly a snack that you’ll love at first bite!


Vietnam Wholesale Pineapple Slices in Tin Can 11Oz

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