AFC Salty Biscuits

Enjoy AFC every morning or rather afternoon snack food nutrition will help you add dynamic all day

AFC vegetables
Aromatic vegetables, delicious and healthy
Made from green vegetables combined with fine flour, AFC vegetables gives you the strange familiar flavors can not refuse. Not only tasty is so delicious but also good for health and digestion.

AFC algae
Salty salty crispy, food that does not go bored
Strange seaweed mouth combined with biscuits yellow fragrant rum makes you eat does not go bored. Not only that, seaweed is also good for the digestive system healthy and give you more energetic.

AFC wheat
Delicious full of nutrition
Only the most delicious wheat new options to refine, fine wheat flour makes biscuits wheat AFC. Add salt salty tongue, all make unique taste of glamor every taste.

Taste, enjoy new
Bring a taste of the sambal sauces, biscuits AFC sambal sauce bring salty salty blend together, creating a taste experience "one of a kind

AFC BEEF steaks
Delicious aromatic taste, difficult to refuse
The delicious beef steaks blend into the cookie gold rum, crispy will make you hard to refuse. Meanwhile, each cake AFC BEEF steaks will give you a feel like you are enjoying delicious beef-steak on the hot cake crispy.