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When you travel, backpack, go home or go on a business trip, you often have to carry a lot of luggage. If you do not know how to arrange luggage in a backpack, it can cause you many difficulties. So, in this article, we will guide you to pack a US military backpack, making sure to help you carry a lot of things and still look neat.

1. Instructions for packing luggage into the US Army backpack
1.1 Strategies for lining up

If you want to arrange your luggage neatly and professionally, there is no other way than you have to practice. Try rearranging furniture to get used to it and remember where the items are.

The “tactical” arrangement means that you choose a spacious, comfortable place and then arrange the items, from which you can “think about what you will need and arrange in order”.

1.2 Arrange “reverse”

Folding “reverse” is the next way that we want to guide US military backpacking. The last Mon to put in the backpack will be the first item to be taken out. Therefore, you should put the pajamas used on the first night at the top. Items that are not used much or last used should be placed at the bottom of the backpack.

1.3 Sort furniture by weight first

The heaviest items should be placed in the center of the bag. This position is located near the spine when wearing a backpack. Therefore, the weight of the backpack will be more balanced instead of leaning to one side. You can also apply this method when packing your suitcase. Let’s divide the suitcase into 3 parts. The bottom section is for medium-weight items, the middle is the heaviest, and the top is the lightest.

1.4 Roll and fold furniture scientifically

When packing your backpack, you should arrange it according to its size and shape. Arrange items of similar size and shape together so as not to create gaps. Items such as clothes, towels, sleeping bags, etc. can be curled instead of folded. Then use a lanyard to secure it.

1.5 Arrange your furniture like building bricks

Think of shoes and small bags as bricks, clothes as mortar, and arrange to make use of any space. This will help you pack more items.

1.6 Bring extra personal belongings

If there is still space in the backpack, you can bring some personal items such as scarves, socks, gloves, face towels, etc.

1.7 Don’t forget to bring small bags

Bring many small bags to organize your belongings more easily and scientifically. For example, bags for electronics – chargers, cosmetic bags, etc. Put the bags that need to be used frequently at the top of the backpack.

2. Suggest some US military backpacks appearing in the movie
2.1 DRAGON EGG MK II Backpack – Badland

This is a backpack model produced by the Direct Action brand. This backpack model is available in many different colors with military camouflage motifs. The backpack size is just right, suitable for traveling or daily use.

The material used to make the backpack is CORDURA 500D fabric which is extremely light, durable and has good form retention. The outside of the backpack is covered with water-resistant coating. The size of the backpack is about 48 x 27 x 18cm, the volume is 25L, weighs 1.62kg.

Reference price: 3,950,000 VND

2.2 EDC PACK® – CORDURA®- Flecktarn . Backpack

EDC PACK® – CORDURA®- Flecktarn is a backpack manufactured by the Helikon-Tex brand. Not only has a creative design, but the backpack also has a large storage area, suitable for daily use or travel.

The backpack uses CORDURA 500D fabric which is lightweight, durable and extremely sturdy. The size of the backpack is about 46x31x15 cm, volume 21L, weight 1.09kg. Currently, the backpack has 3 different colors for you to choose from.

Reference price: 1,850,000 VND

3.3 Backpack 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 2.0 – Ranger Green

With water-resistant 1050D nylon material, the 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 2.0 backpack is very light, durable, water resistant and extremely abrasion resistant. The design of the backpack is creative with many compartments. The volume of the backpack is quite large up to 55L, suitable for carrying when traveling and backpacking. The backpack has 4 different color versions for you to choose from.

Reference price: 4,850,000 VND

Above is a guide to folding US military backpacks that we want to share. Hopefully through this article you will know how to pack things into a backpack more scientifically.

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