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Are you looking to buy a headlamp but have no experience? Confused about how to choose a headlamp? Then refer to the notes when choosing to buy a headlamp below to find yourself the most suitable lamp!

1. Why do you need to own a headlamp?

Flashlights have long become a popular lighting tool, bringing many benefits to users. Today, a new invention has been born to improve the convenience of users, which is a flashlight.

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Forehead flashlights are often used when users want their hands to do other things, such as when climbing mountains, repairing machines,… On the other hand, many people choose to buy flashlights to wear. forehead to make it more convenient for evening exercise or when it is necessary to repair sundries in the family. Even many people choose to buy a headlamp to use when traveling by train, car or reading at night.

In general, there are many reasons why you should own a quality headlamp because it really brings a lot of convenience!

Refer to the lighting capabilities of the forehead flashlight product through the following video:

2. What should be kept in mind when choosing to buy a headlamp?
2.1 Need to determine usage needs

One of the important considerations when choosing to buy a headlamp is to determine your specific needs. The current models of headlamps are very diverse in both design, material and brightness. Therefore, when you determine your needs well, you can help you choose the right lamp.

If you only need a light for a picnic or camping, you can choose a headlamp with a thin wire around the head and low lumens.
In case you need a flashlight to go on a long trip, you should choose lamps with high lumens and have many features such as focusing light on one point, wide shine, adjusting brightness levels, …
If you need a flashlight to go diving, you should give preference to lights with high water resistance, wide and sturdy straps.
2.2 Battery of the lamp

The battery of the lamp will directly affect the lighting time. Therefore, finding out the battery of the forehead lamp is also one of the notes when choosing to buy an important headlamp. Most headlamps today use AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries.

You need to make sure to use the correct type of battery that the lamp prescribes so as not to affect the brightness and life of the lamp. On average, the battery of a head torch for the first 100,000 hours will work very well. After this period has been used up, the lamp’s power and lighting function will decrease. Therefore, you need to buy a new lamp or replace the part.

2.3 Materials need to be sustainable

Due to the majority of cases, users often use flashlights in outdoor environments. Therefore, when buying a lamp, it is necessary to pay attention to the material used to make the lamp. It is best to choose lamps with durable materials, high impact resistance, difficult to deform, rust or absorb water.

Most flashlight models today are made from high-quality hard plastic combined with metal. Headband with elastic material for easy adjustment to the user’s head size.

2.4 Attention to characteristics

There are quite a few issues related to the headlamp characteristics that you need to be aware of. That is:

Beam shoot, beam beam (wide beam), beam condenser (far beam)
Light level (low):
Medium: Medium brightness
High: High brightness, often used when you want to clearly illuminate distant objects or have special needs
Turbo: Super bright, extremely high brightness but very battery-intensive, easy to heat up the lights
Moonlight: Low brightness so it saves battery
SOS: Flashing lights to warn, ask for help when in trouble
Built-in power stabilization: Ensures that the lamp always works stably, giving even light at each user-selected brightness level
Red Led: The advantage of red LED is that it does not cause glare, so it is especially suitable for use in cases where you do not want to affect others.
Water resistance: Typically, flashlights are less water-resistant than handheld flashlights. If you need to buy a flashlight, you should choose the one with a waterproof rating of IP68 .

3. Should choose a headlamp that suits your needs

You need to know that:

When wearing a flashlight on your head for a long time, it is easier to cause neck fatigue and discomfort than when holding the light in your hand
The neck is a part with much less mobility than the hands. Therefore, it will be more difficult if you want to shine the headlamp on any specific position
The position of the lamp is close to the eyes, so when lighting, it can cause glare
If the flashlight is too hot, it can directly affect the wearer
Headlamps are harder to control than handheld lights

Therefore, you need to be even more careful when choosing a headlamp. Here are some notes when choosing to buy a headlamp suitable for certain needs you must know:

3.1 Forehead lamp for reading
Serving the purpose of reading books at night
Used when resting on trains, cars, curbs



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