Vietnam High-Quality Rice Paper 250g

 Our rice paper is made from pure rice. Produced and dried by automatic system machine.

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Vietnam High-Quality Rice Paper 250g


Rice Paper used to wrap spring rolls or other vietnamese tradition rolls..


Quality Index:

- Protein ≥ 0.2%
- Glucide ≥ 0.1%
- Carbohydrate ≥ 70%
Do not use preservatives, borax.

Origin of Product:
- To be selected from the pure rice and starch.
- Production by automatic machines, advanced technology, drying on the line closed.

Instructions for Use:
1. Usage to roll the freshroll:
Take one piece of rice paper to the hand, a cup of water, make wet the surface of rice paper, then can use to wrap with meat, beef, seafoods, eggs, vegetables. Ready to eat.
2. Usage to roll the springroll:
Take one piece of rice paper to the hand, a cup of water, dip rice paper into the cup of water, the meat is made available in mid, roll up 3 sides then fry. We have springroll.