EU: largest consumer of Vietnamese goods

Major export items included telephone sets that made up 43% of the country's total telephone exports, footwear 36%, computers 19%, and garments 16%.


The US was the second largest importer of Vietnamese goods, consuming US$19.6 billion in value, representing a year on year rise of 15.6% and 17.1% of Viet Nam's total exports.


Other ASEAN countries ranked third, importing US$17.3 billion worth of Vietnamese goods, up 27.2% over 2011.


Japan and China came fourth and fifth, consuming US$13.1 billion and US$12.2 billion respectively.


China was the largest trade partner of Viet Nam, exporting US$28.9 billion worth of goods to its neighbor, up 17.6% against 2011.


It was followed by ASEAN (US$21 billion), the Republic of Korea (US$15.6 billion), Japan (US$11.7 billion), the EU (US$8.8 billion), and the US (US$4.7 billion)./.