CIF "Cream White" 500ml for bathroom, kitchen

For use in bathroom and kitchen

In more than 50 countries around the world, millions of people rely on Cif’s range of everyday cleaning products to keep their kitchens, bathrooms and surfaces clean. Whether you need to give the oven an overhaul, sort out soap scum in the shower, shift stubborn stains on your surfaces or get rid of grease, there’s a Cif solution that can get the job done fast and easy.

Cif’s gentle but effective cream cleaners were first launched in France in 1969, replacing abrasive powder formulations. Cif’s uniqueness lies in its superior cleaning power yet the superior care it assures for every single part of the home at the same time. With Cif, it is not just about clean, but beautifully clean. It is the shinning clean as if your entire house is brand new. You can always be the proud housewives you want to be when your house is taken care by Cif.


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