Gift Glass Cleaner

All of our products are produced on high-tech  production chain


Good quantity and cheaper price 

1.Product purpose

Daily and nursing care of the products made of glass, such as, the glass of your cars(windshield, sidemirror and so on ), house, the office space etc.

Product description: It is professional in the cleaning of the dust, insects, gum, bird manure, sludge, saline-alkaline dirt and so on; We also boast an anti-freeze glass cleaner of this type which can be used all around the year. 

 2.Environmental Protection

Our products adopt the latest prescription and technology, thus making our products are environmental protection. Our products belong to which doesn't consist of formaldehyde which is harmful to our health. Our products are of high efficiency and no trace of our products. Because our products contain the high-efficient liquid which can fast penetrate to clean the dirt and leaves no traces.  It is normal to has some precipitation at the bottom. With shaking it slightly, you can use it, which has no influence on the quality of our products. 


3.Use method

It is used for direct cleaning. Shake the mix well, and put our products directly or spray on the surface of your stuff, and use a towel to well-distribute the liquid, at last you'd better polish it.  If you regard our products as self-cleaning make-up fluid, shake our product well, and put our product directly into the liquid box for the glass cleaner.


Keep away from children, fire. Refrain from weight, crashing. Never put into mouth and eye and never use our products to wash the table wares which are related to food. 


1.Volume:800ml in a box

2. glass for automotive and household products

3.use environmentally friendly formula