Johnson And Johnson Soft Baby Products

Johnson and Johnson Soft Baby products

OHNSON & JOHNSON baby products

Origin: Indonesia
Manufactured by : JOHNSON

Variant :

I. JOHNSON baby cologne (mornig, blossom) --QTY/20'FCL : 2731ctn--

II. JOHNSON baby cologne (brisa, twinkle, floral, blossom ) --QTY/20'FCL : 2384ctn--

III. JOHNSON baby lotion (regular) --QTY/20'FCL : 2479ctn--

IV. JOHNSON baby lotion (milk) --QTY/20'FCL : 3513ctn--

V. JOHNSON baby lotion (anti mosquito) --QTY/20'FCL : 3513ctn--

VI. JOHNSON baby lotion (MOISTURIZER ALOE & VIT E) --QTY/20'FCL : 1416ctn--

VII. JOHNSON baby lotion (bed time) --QTY/20'FCL : 3513ctn--

VIII. JOHNSON baby oil (regular) --QTY/20'FCL : 2826ctn--

IX. JOHNSON baby oil (body warming) --QTY/20'FCL : 2923ctn--

X. JOHNSON baby oil (bed time) --QTY/20'FCL : 2826ctn--

XI.  JOHNSON baby powder(classic, blossom, bedtime) --QTY/20'FCL : 836ctn--

XII. JOHNSON baby powder(nourishing milk) --QTY/20'FCL : 586ctn--

XIII. JOHNSON baby shampoo(gold) --QTY/20'FCL : 2826ctn--

XIV. JOHNSON baby shampoo(honey) --QTY/20'FCL : 836ctn--