Vietnam Premium-Quality Garlic Powder 50g

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Vietnam Premium-Quality Garlic Powder 50g


1 "strong sterilization

Garlic contains sulfur compounds have antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, on a variety of bacteria, bacteria, fungi and viruses are inhibiting and killing effect, is the natural plant is found in one of the strongest antiseptic.

2 "to prevent tumor and cancer

The elements in garlic can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and cancer cells, the cancer, the lowest rate of the crowd is often eat garlic and other food groups, USA National Cancer Organization said, the world's most anticancer plants, going to the top.

3 "bowel detoxification

Garlic can inhibit or kill gastrointestinal diseases caused by Helicobacter pylori and other virus, removing toxic substances stomach, stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, promote appetite, accelerate the digestion.

4 "lower blood glucose

Garlic can promote the secretion of insulin, increased tissue glucose uptake, improve human glucose tolerance, lower blood sugar levels rapidly, all kinds of germs and fried death infection induced diabetes, thus effectively preventing and treating diabetes.